Reading is my weakest part of learning English and I’m afraid of reading. For me, reading is like a dinosaur, terrifying but through challenges, could be improved. I have been looking for different methods to help improve my reading skills. That is why when my counselor told me that they were going to hold a seminar that would definitely improve my reading, I signed up immediately. 

      I was so excited about it at the beginning. However, when I received the article that we had to preview, I was shocked. We had to read Time magazine and write down our opinions. But I was poor at reading. I could not understand every word.

      In the first class, we had to discuss with our teammates the content of the article. Afterwards, we also had to deliver a short speech in front of people. I felt nervous, anxious and afraid. There were too many emotions but I could not grasp a word to describe them. My whole body was shuddering and my lips were clenched. I could not give out a single word. In the four-hour class, my brain gave up and I zoned out.

     Even though the experience was frightening, if they hold another same series, I would still join it again without a doubt. After all, I realized that I could understand the article after the class. My reading ability improved a little bit.


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